The Pyramid Code is a documentary series by Dr Carmen Boulter. Doug Thompson was series art director and one of a number of motion graphics artists providing visual effects and interpretive graphics for the project. Here are just a few production stills and clips of art, animation and modeling that Doug contributed.

The series has its broadcast debut on The Documentary Channel in April 2010. Over the next three years it will be translated into 14 languages and aired in 21 countries.

The DVD set off a global buzz last fall generating 40,000 hits on YouTube and soaring to #3 on Amazon’s TV documentary charts before it was even released. Timeline layout—Doug was asked to create a timeline which incorporated several events important to the series along with the Vedic and precessional modes of measuring historical ages. Pyramid Code sample clips.
Part of an astrological explanation of the signs of the zodiac. 3D reconstructions of the Nabta Playa mysterious buried “cow stone” and bedrock sculptures. It is thought that the sphinx was built to commemorate the precessional Age of Leo.