Photogrammetry is image-based 3D modeling. Creating 3D models from photographs is a very useful and often efficient means of creating scale models that can be used for virtual sets, set extensions and digital doubles. This approach can allow directors to create camera moves that would otherwise be impossible. Samples of this approach can be seen in such films as Fight Club, the original Matrix film, and Panic Room.

Here are some samples photogrammetry projects I have created or to which I have been a contributor while leader of the Photogrammetry team at the Pixel Corps. The software used is Realviz ImageModeler. The room and its furnishings are completely digitally fabricated. It’s an experiment to see whether or not various image-based models can coexist in the same scene despite the fact that all the pieces used photographs produced under different lighting conditions, etc. Contributing to this piece were Mark Duckworth and Jon Green for furnishings; I built the room and art directed; Scott Kriebel created the animation in Lightwave. This animation was created in ElectricImage with some extra modeling (the phone handset and cable) done in the ElectricImage Modeler.