Exhibits This billboard was part of a cooperative exhibit sponsored by both BART and PG&E. The concept was to show the imminent arrive of alternative fuel vehicles—in this case electric powered—by showing commuters a view of their parking lot with recharging stations and the soon-to-come electric cars. The exhibit included an electric vehicle recharging station for a van that offered rides to neighbors. An award-winning tradeshow booth I designed for PG&E (10’ x 10’) aimed at hospital administrators. The concept was to show them and workers in intensive care units that it is possible to use energy efficient compact fluorescents without making patients appear ill. I designed the booth to mimic a nursing station at an ICU and to have the two different lighting systems for easy comparison, demonstrating that hospitals can save money and have appropriate lighting at the same time. I came up with the theme: Your Power Connection for Cutting Costs. Another tradeshow booth designed for PG&E for the biennial Northern California Restaurant Show. The theme is The Energy Trattoria—Serving up Low Watt Cuisine to Keep Your Hungry Business Healthy. The concept is the recreation of a trattoria with small tables for show attendees to discuss the “energy menu” with PG&E staffers. Sample posters can be seen below.